Hello Glacier friends!  In less than a week, I will be heading off to college, and I'm super psyched!! Unfortunately, that means that the writing process will be slowed down. Fear not because I plan to continue all that I can throughout my spare time. I am NOT done, and I have plenty of more books planned. In the meantime, I can say that Glacier 6 is nearly complete and should be coming soon, so bare with me. So, in Teen Author Blog tradition, here are 3 unanswered questions from Glacier 5 and 3 things that you can expect from Glacier 6!!! 

If you haven't read Glacier 5 yet, stop reading here or BEWARE OF SPOILERS below. You have been warned. 

Questions we want Answered

1. Who is Vivarian's princess and why does she remind him so much of Carly?

2. What's the deal with Vivarian and the goblins? Was Grubarra the one who trapped Vivarian in his cabin? If so, why?

3. Hope Vampa! We just got a chance to meet the little bundle of joy, but we don't know much about her. Will she get awesome powers like Little Luke?

Things we can look Forward To

1. Sirens

Other mermaids may not be as friendly as Marina. Carly and the gang can expect to hit some rough waters when they encounter deadly sirens. 

2. A goblin revival? 

We're left unsure whether it's safe to kill Vivarian. Breaking the magic around his cabin can lead to a goblin revival. Does this mean Carly will risk another goblin apocalypse in order to get her revenge on Vivarian? 

3. Hope Vampa

As stated above, we don't know much about the newest addition to the Vampa family yet. Now that she's a bit older, we'll get to see more of her personality and character traits. 

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