Glacier Recaps

Here is a quick recap of Glacier. The rest of the books will be coming soon!

Glacier 8 is on its Way!!!

Now that summer's here we can look forward to another great read! Here are 3 things we can expect from the upcoming 8th installment of the Glacier Series. (SPOILERS ahead!) 

1. A New Villain

Now that Borganna's gone, we can all let out a sigh of relief, right? Wrong! Prepare yourself for a new threat who's surprisingly not a warlock. Hmmm. 

2. What Happened to Vivarian?

Is he dead? How did he manage to steal Carly's wedding ring? What will he have in store for her next? These questions and more will be answered! 

3. Teddy and Lucy's Wedding

We saw the engagement, and there is love in the air. Now it's time for Teddy and Lucy to finally get married! Will there be wedding dramas? Hopefully there won't be a runaway bride/groom. 

Glacier is ranked in top 60 YA novels on Wattpad!

Glacier is now ranked #55 in the young adult genre on Wattpad with over 200 views!