Glacier Availability Update

Glacier is now sold in select Barnes and Noble across Florida! For more information please contact your local store provider. As always, you can order Glacier from anywhere in the world through Amazon and Barnes and Noble online store.

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Now Available

Glacier: The Experiment (Volume 7)

ISBN-13: 978-1981646838
ISBN-10: 1981646833 

Picking up where the 6th book left off, in Glacier’s 7th installment, readers experience Hope Vampa's new world first hand. Now under Borganna’s control, Hope questions her identity, and even after she is reunited with her family, she still struggles to find a place of belonging.  

Meanwhile, Borganna and the warlocks are still hot on the Vampas’ trail. Soon, the Vampas find themselves trapped within Borganna’s goblin factory where their lives hang by a thread. Facing the threat of a newly revived goblin army, Carly must do everything in her power to save herself and protect her family. Only this time, giving it her all may not be enough.

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Glacier 7 is Coming Soon!

Glacier 7 is coming soon and here are 3 things that you can expect to see:

1. We're finally going to get a conclusion to that cliffhanger at the end of Glacier: The Curse and find out what happened to Hope Vampa!


2. Hmmm. I wonder what Blamos is up to. Hopefully, he won't escape from prison and seek his revenge on Teddy and the Vampas.


3. It's the final showdown that we've all been waiting for: Carly and Borganna will FIGHT!